How to Load the Machines File in HFSS

In order to load your machines file in HFSS, click on the "HPC and Analysis Options" button in the tool bar at the top.


That will open up the window below. Here you'll need to click on "Add"


Once you're at the window below, you'll need to click on "Import Machines File" in the screenshot below:


This is where you'll navigate to the "cores" file. It's located in /etc/JARVICE/ as shown below:


If you don't see any files in this directory, make sure that you change the "Files of type" dropdown to "All Files (*.*).

Once you click "Open" your machines file will be loaded. Then all you have to do is make it active.

If you have any issues with this tutorial, please feel free to reach out to and we will get you taken care of.

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