How Do I Create a Billing Report for My Usage?

If you're a team payor with team members or if you are your own payor on JARVICE then you can run billing reports on your/your teams job history. You can create billing reports by selecting Current Month or Previous Month and clicking Generate.

You can also can create itemized billing reports just by ticking the "Itemized" box before clicking Generate.

Follow the steps below to create a billing report.

1. Click on "Nimbix" in the top right to expand the menu if it's not already expanded.

2. Click "Dashboard" 

3. Click "Dashboard" in the top left to expand the menu if it's not already expanded.

4. Click "Reports"

At this point you can select the type of billing report that you want to generate.

Check out the screenshot below for a visual representation.


If you have any issues with this tutorial, please contact and we'll get you taken care of.

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