How do I upload my SSH public key? What is it used for?

Uploading your SSH Public Key

You can upload your SSH public key in the Settings section of the portal by:

1. Click on "Account" on the menu on the right

2. Click on "SSH Keys" on the menu on the left


3. Click on "EDIT" then "ADD"


4. Load your SSH key from a file or just paste it into the text box provided

Your ssh public key will automatically be appended to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys for each job giving you password-less SSH access to any interactive running job from the "Compute" tab. Uploading your public key will not take effect for any currently running jobs, but will enable password-less SSH access for any future jobs that are run under your user's credentials.

Uses of SSH Public Key

Your SSH Public Key provides password-less SSH access to your NAEs.

Users who consume applications from the "Compute" tab generally do not need SSH access. However, some applications have it enabled for advanced usage or convenience. Click the "i" button of a running job in the Dashboard to determine methods for connecting to your application.


For application developers, or users building a custom image from PushToCompute, your SSH public key provides you password-less SSH access to any of your jobs that are running SSH. All PushToCompute NAEs started will have password-less SSH access enabled using your SSH key once you have uploaded your public key(s) to the portal.

If you are an application developer and need SSH available in an application environment (launched from the "COMPUTE" tab), you will need to start it in your application entry script.

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