Common Issues Restoring Archives in Ansys Workbench

Problem: Archived ANSYS Workbench projects seems corrupted when restored in ANSYS Workbench

"Whenever I restore an archive in Workbench in Nimbix, the file is somehow corrupted. The Icepak project within the Workbench project archive becomes an empty file. When I say empty, I mean that it erases the model, solution parameters, and the mesh. I tried the same process of restoring an archive from a different machine and it seem to work just fine."


Solution: Remove spaces from your project's name and the file names.

If you are using Windows, save your project and make sure there are no spaces or special characters in the name. Once you have done this, re-archive the project and specify which optional items you want to archive, such as result/solution items, imported files, and items in the user files directory. When you restore in on Nimbix, the project will restore successfully.



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