Standard Storage Vault vs Premium Storage Vault

At Nimbix we have 2 storage vault options, standard and premium.

Standard Storage

We offer 500GB of standard storage for free with each JARVICE account. This storage is on spinning disks and works well for most workloads. If you require additional storage above that 500GB threshold, please contact your sales representative to get the storage amount increased.

The standard storage is not optimal for I/O intensive workflows. And due to the nature of the standard storage, we cannot guarantee peak performance on the standard storage tier.

Premium Storage

For the best performance in the Nimbix cloud, we recommend premium storage. This storage runs on solid state drives, is much faster, and we can guarantee performance iops. You can select the size of your vault and the number of iops you require: 1k, 5k, or 10k. 

This storage is very much preferred when dealing with I/O intensive workflows, but will improve the speed of most jobs no matter what type of workload you're running.

Please contact your sales representative for more information.

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