How to Add User/Team Machine Limits

If you're a team admin you can set machine limits for the users on your team. You can break this down by your entire team or have specific limits for a particular user. If you need to add a power user or limit a particular user, the user limits will override any team limits you have set in place. You will be able to set the machine type, max number of machines per job, and the max concurrent machines ran at any given time. 

Here's how to set those limits:

1. Login and click on "Account" on the right and "Limits" on the left.


2. Once you're on this page, you can select either the entire team or a specific user. Make your selection and click the "Add" button to add a limit.


3. This is the screen where you will set all your limits. You'll want to first tick the "Maximum concurrent CPUs" box. This is a field where you'll input the maximum amount of cores that you want running at a specific time.


4. After that is set, you can see you can make a limit selections based on the machine type, max machines per job, and max concurrent machines. 


In this case I'm setting the entire team to only using the n10, n2, and the n32. You can see that the max number of machines per job and the max concurrent machines can be defined in the 2 right columns. 

So for n10, my entire team can use a max of 3 n10 machines in a single job and a total of 4 concurrent machines. This can be split up in a few ways, I'll explain a few examples below.

  • User 1 has 3 machines in 1 job, User 2 can use 1 machine.
  • User 1 has 2 machines, User 2 can use 2 machines
  • User 1 has 1 machine, User 2 has 1 machine, User 3 has 2 machines.
  • etc.

So you can see that while there are only 2 variables, the machines can still be split up between several users depending on the limits you set.

You can set the limit on as many machines that you'd like and then just click "Save" and your limits will take effect immediately.

If your team hits your limit and a user tries to start a new job, that job will queue since it's outside of the limits you set. The user will have to wait until other jobs have completed to free up machines.

If a user tries to start a job that is outside of the set limits (something that could never run because a node count is too high) then the job will fail to submit and you will receive the error "resource limits reached for this account".

If you have any issues or questions about limits, please email our support at and we'll help you get squared away.

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