How to Impersonate a Team Member (Team Admin only)

The impersonation feature is only available to team admins on the account. This will allow team admins to login to team members accounts, start/stop jobs on their behalf, check status of currently running jobs, and basically anything else a standard user can do on the platform. There are no restrictions.

Please make sure before proceeding with this tutorial that this is something allowed by your company policy. 

If you are a team admin on the account and you want to impersonate a user:

  1. Login to and click on "Account" in the right panel
  2. Click on "Team" in the left panel
  3. On the page showing all of your team members, there is a check box to enable this feature. Be sure to read the warning before clicking the check box.


      4. Once enabled, you can click on any username on your team to login as that user.


Once you click "YES" you will be logged in as that user. 


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