Getting Started With Alveo Trial

Thank you for your interest in the Nimbix Alveo trial!

During the trial, the most important thing for you to keep track of is your dollar spend. You get $300 USD for free which amounts to 100 hours of NX* machine type (FPGA Nodes) use. Once your account passes the $300 dollar limit, we start charging your account. You can access this information from your "Dashboard," under stats, if you click on the "$" symbol, it will show you the total dollar amount spent (See attached screenshot). Additionally, you can get this information by running a billing report.


Also, if you feel like you'll need more than 100 hours, we can have a Nimbix sales rep reach out to you. We want to learn more about your project and how the Nimbix cloud can help. 


For additional assistance and documentation, please check out the links below.

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