Alveo Support Questions

In an effort to maximize your time spent on the Alveo trial, it's important to understand where to go for technical assistance.

Nimbix can provide support for all things related to the Nimbix cloud such as pricing, billing, machine availability, licensing and the occasional hardware failure of an FPGA.

For questions and issues related to Xilinx Alveo application and hardware development, it is strongly recommended that customers refer to the Xilinx community forums linked below:

Xilinx Community Forums:

The Xilinx forums provides a free platform for you to interact with the entire Xilinx community. The forums can address a range of issues related to hardware/software emulation, Vitis and SDAccel development, etc. 

Here's a little more information about the Nimbix Alveo trial and helpful information:

Nimbix Alveo Information:



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