How to Use JARVICE Bot

So now that you've installed JARVICE Bot, you're anxious to learn what it can do and how you can use it.

With JARVICE Bot for Slack, you can do all of these amazing things within the comfort of the Slack app:

  • Check the status of your Nimbix Cloud jobs
  • Grab a screenshot of an active job
  • See your job output
  • View job history
  • Terminate a job
  • Suggest a feature (within the Bot), you tell us what you want.

Additional features and releases are coming soon.

But, enough of telling you about what JARVICE Bot can do, let's show you!

Let's start with having you register JARVICE Bot to your JARVICE account.

Once you've installed JARVICE Bot, you'll then want to open Slack, and browse down the left-hand side and find the section titled "Recent Apps".


Once you've located this, click on "JARVICE Bot" and on your right-hand side of your Slack window, JARVICE Bot will appear. At this point, you'll want to click on "Register API Key".


Once you've clicked on this, you'll see the dialog below. Now click on "Update Creds".


Next, you want to input your JARVICE account user ID and API key. If for some reason you need a refresher on where to find your API Key, check out Find My API Key. Once both fields are populated, click the "Submit" button.


Upon clicking Submit, you'll be taken back to your JARVICE Bot "Home" screen. From here, you're ready to start using JARVICE Bot. If you have any running jobs or any recent job history from the current month, you'll see them here.


From here, click on the "Job Details" button for a running job.


Once here, try clicking on "Job Output", from here you'll see your job output, this works for all job types, but it's especially awesome on your batch jobs.


Next, click the "Back" button, and then try clicking on "Screenshot". This will give you a point in time view of what's actually on your interactive desktop. This is a great feature if you just want to do a quick visual check to see if your model is meshing correctly. There's lots of additional reasons why you'd want to take a quick peak on your job, from inside of Slack.


Another use for JARVICE Bot is our "Messages" feature. Click on this button, and you can interact with JARVICE Bot by typing to him.



If you're curious to learn more about how to use the "Messages" feature, just type help in the Message section.


Hopefully, we've given you a good idea of how to use JARVICE Bot, at this point. Feel free to explore and check out the various features. We'll be making additional features available from time to time. Be on the lookout for those sneaky Easter Eggs as well!

Are you enjoying JARVICE Bot or maybe something is missing? Let us know, reach out to us at

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