Application Management for Teams

Team admins can now curate their own list of applications for their team. This will restrict the team members by only allowing them to use the apps selected by the team admin. While this can be a team wide restriction, you can also restrict/allow apps on a user-by-user basis in case some users need different access. This can be very helpful if your team only uses a few applications or just a specific version of an application. Using this in conjunction with setting resource limits on your team can really help control usage and spend.

  • To get started, click on Account > Team Apps 


  • Select either "Team Default" or the specific user you'd like to restrict:


  • Click Add Whitelist


  • Click "Select individual apps" and select your apps you want accessible to the team/user


Once you're done add the applications you want accessible, click "Save" and those apps will only be available to your team members the next time they log in.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to and we'll be happy to help!


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