Vaults - New Data Transfer Method from Nimbix

Nimbix is proud to present our brand new data transfer method called Vaults. Vaults is designed to make downloading and uploading your files faster and easier. Some of the highlights of Vaults include:

 - Drag & drop files to upload directly to your vault

 - Download files just by clicking on the file

 - Multiple file/folder selects for easy file management

 - Faster download and upload speeds than our previous data transfer methods

 - Still supports SFTP

 - It's free!

If those features interest you, let's walk through the features and showcase some of the benefits of Vaults.

Accessing Your Vault

In order to access Vaults click on the link below:

Once here, you will use your Nimbix Cloud username and your API key as your password to log in. 


Once you're logged in, you'll see your Dashboard. In your Dashboard you can navigate to your files or click on Get Help to go to our support page. If you ever need to revisit this page, you can do so by clicking on the Nimbix logo in the top left corner.


You'll also see the Home directory in the left pane. The Home directory is where your Elastic_File folder will live. If you've purchased an SSD vault, you will see that in your Home directory labeled as Performance_SSD. The Elastic_File and Performance_SSD folders contain all of your Nimbix files and are the only locations you can save files. Keep in mind you cannot drag and drop files between your Elastic_File folder and your Performance_SSD folder. You will have to upload to each of them directly.


Note: The "Shared Files" folder is a feature that has not been implemented just yet. All contents that you want to be available in the Nimbix cloud will need to be placed inside of the Elastic_File/Performance_SSD directory, NOT directly inside the Home or Shared Files directory.

As shown in the picture below, clicking on the Elastic_File directory will display all the data that is available to be dowloaded or accessed inside of a Nimbix Cloud job.



Managing Your Files

Managing files is easier with Vaults, not to mention much faster than SFTP and the Nimbix File Manager when downloading/uploading files.

Uploading: There are 2 ways to upload.

 - You can drag and drop files from your computer into the specific folder you'd like to upload to

 - You can click on the Upload button to navigate to a file/folder on your computer to upload

Notice on the Upload button there is a down arrow that opens a drop-down menu when clicked. This drop-down gives you the option to change the action taken when the uploaded file or file name already exists.


The other 3 buttons at the top will create a New Folder inside the directory you're in, Refresh the directory listing, and allow you to Navigate to any directory by inputting the path manually. You can also Navigate through your files on the main window pane or through the directory tree located on the left.

 Once you start an upload, you'll see a popup at the bottom of the screen to show details.


 Clicking on Show Details will give you a log of your uploads as well as the status of your upload as shown below.


Downloading: There are multiple ways to download your files.

 - Clicking on the Gear Icon will select the given file and give you options like Rename, Download, or Delete. You will get the same options when right clicking on any folder.


 - You are also able to select multiple files/folders by clicking each tick box, or using the common shift+click and cmd+click shortcuts to select several lines. Once selected, you can opt to download or delete the selected files and folders. This can be used for dragging files into other folders as well. 


 - If you're looking to download a single file, you can simply click on the file name and it will start downloading automatically. 

Navigating & Searching: There are multiple ways to navigate & search through your files.

We mentioned a few ways to navigate through your files in the Uploading section, but if you're searching for a specific folder/file and you're not sure where it was placed, you can use the Search feature in the top right hand corner. As long as you can remember at least part of the file name, this feature will come in handy. Just click on the Search button, type in what you're looking for and click Search.


Once you click Search you'll be brought to your search results where you can get even more granular on your search if you didn't find what you were looking for. Just input any of the available fields below to narrow down your search results.


While digging into your files and going several folders deep, you will see the full path at the top of your page. Each folder is linked so you can quickly navigate back to previous folders by just clicking on the folder you want to go back to. See image below:


Accessing through SFTP

If you want to access your vault through SFTP, then open up your favorite SFTP client (we recommend FileZilla) and connect to the vault by using these inputs:

Host: s

username: <JARVICE username>

Password: <API Key>

Port: 2222Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_12.51.18_PM.png

Click on Quickconnect and you'll connect right to your Vault.

If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help!

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