How to Upload Data to JARVICE using SFTP and File Manager Together

Using the Nimbix File Manager with an SFTP client to transfer data to and from the Nimbix cloud

In order to use the Nimbix File Manager with an SFTP client, please follow the steps below.

  • Login to the portal at
  • Click “Compute” in the top right navigation bar.
  • On the left side menu, click “File Manager”.


  • This will bring up the File Manager app card. Click on “File Manager”.


  • This will take you to a “Task Builder” screen.  Click on the “Optional” tab and tick the “Request Job IP Address” box. This will make your File Manager job accessible to an SFTP client. Click the “Submit” button to start the job. 


  • Once this is done, you’ll be returned to your Dashboard. After a few seconds, you’ll see a new job titled “Nimbix File Manager”. It will take a few minutes for the job to start. Once the job is started click on the “i” icon to see details needed to connect via SFTP. File_Manager_SFTP_05.jpg
  • You’ll want to copy all of the URL with the exception of the “https://”
  • You will also want to copy the username and password. These will be used to connect via SFTP.
  • In this example, we’ll be using FileZilla as the SFTP client. Settings will be similar to other clients like WinSCP. 
  • Enter sftp://<URL>, the username and password from the information screen. The port should be 22. Click “QuickConnect”File_Manager_SFTP_03.jpg
  • Click “Ok” to accept the host key.File_Manager_SFTP_02.jpg
  • Once you successfully connect, you’ll want to change the remote site directory to your /data folder. Just type in /data and hit enter.File_Manager_SFTP_04.jpg
  • You can now drag and drop files from your local computer to your /data directory. Alternatively, you can download data from your /data directory to your local PC. Once you’re done transferring data, you can simply close the SFTP client. 
  • Please be sure to go into your Nimbix dashboard and shut down your File Manager job. Leaving the File Manager job running could incur additional costs.


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