ANSYS License Hosting Options

Nimbix Hosted

This option is the preferred method just because it's the easiest way to get you up and running on our platform as quickly as possible. For a Nimbix hosted license, the only thing we need from you is the license. Once we have the license, Nimbix takes care of everything else on our end. You'll be able to run immediately upon sending your license over!

Customer Hosted Options

  • VPN/IP Sec Tunnel 

With an IPSEC / VPN tunnel, users can enjoy an always on option for licensing. This allows seamless check out between the Nimbix Cloud and the license server within your four walls. Nimbix Support will work with your IT team, to establish this tunnel on your behalf. Typically the IPSEC tunnel option is deployed in a site to site context.

If a VPN tunnel sounds right for you, and you'd like to move forward with this option, please fill out the following form, at Once completed a Customer Success Engineer from the Nimbix team will reach out to you.

  • Over public internet with ACL's

Using this option, we can connect the Nimbix Cloud to your license server within your four walls. We do this by plumbing this connectivity over the public Internet with very specific extended access control lists on both your router and ours. This option is also secure, and very flexible.

For more information on these and how to set these up, please contact your Nimbix sales representative and we will help get your license option configured for you.

  • ANSYS Elastic Licensing 

This is a new option provided by ANSYS that allows you to purchase elastic units from ANSYS and connect directly to a license server that ANSYS hosts. You can read more about this option and how it's set up in this article here:

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