How to Change the Window Size of an Interactive ANSYS Desktop Session

The size of your browser is automatically detected by at the time that you log in to the portal. After starting a job, if the size of your remote desktop does not match the dimensions of your local monitor or browser, then follow these steps to launch a desktop with the correct dimensions.

Note Your desktop cannot be resized while a job is running. You must save your work, terminate  the job, and launch a new session following the steps below to resize your desktop. 

Best practices for Launching Jobs

  1. Prior to launching a job, log out of
  2. Maximize your browser.
  3. Do a hard refresh of your browser. Usually this is a shift+click of the refresh button on your browser. 
  4. Log in to
  5. Launch your job. The dimensions of the remote desktop should closely match the size of your browser.

Sizing your desktop for Full Screen Real VNC

  • Determine the resolution of your monitor (e.g., 1920x1080)
  • If you are looking to stretch your browser screen across two monitors, you would just double the horizontal and keep the vertical the same. For instance, if your screen is 1920x1080 then you would input 3840x1080 to make sure you had enough space to stretch across 2 monitors.
  • Select an ANSYS session 
  • In the Task Builder, set the Window size to the desired dimensions under the OPTIONAL tab.


  • Once your job is launched, you can connect with Real VNC and run in full screen mode by hovering over the tools bar at the top middle of your screen (it's usually minimized, but moving your mouse over it will reveal the tools) and clicking the maximize button shown below.



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