Optimizing Remote Visualization for ANSYS with Real VNC Viewer

In this article, we cover configuration options available for optimizing the remote visualization experience of ANSYS applications on Nimbix.
ANSYS users have two options for accessing remote sessions on Nimbix:
  1. Connecting to the application from the browser by clicking on the Click to Connect or 
  2. Connecting with the Real VNC Viewer. For a detailed tutorial on connecting with the Real VNC Viewer see the related article, Connecting to ANSYS Interactive Sessions with Real VNC Viewer.

For optimal visualization experience, we recommend using the Real VNC Viewer for interactive ANSYS sessions on Nimbix. 

One thing to keep in mind when using VNC, is to please ensure you have at least 5mbit of bandwidth available, and no greater than 80ms of latency. If you're unsure how to determine this, please check out our Diagnosing Network Issues article.


My interactive session seems to lag. Is there any way to improve this?

If you are experiencing lag in your interactive session:

  1. Ensure that you are using the Real VNC Client.
  2. Connect your local computer to a physical internet connection rather than WiFi. This will help reduce latency and jitter on your network.
  3. If you are on a shared internet connection in your home or office, you may want to contact your network administrator for assistance in optimizing your local internet connection.


What settings does Real VNC Viewer have to improve responsiveness of my interactive session?

Real VNC has an option for adapting to your internet connection's speed automatically called "Adapt to network speed (recommended)." If you continue to experience slow responsiveness to mouse clicks and other interaction with the GUI, you can manually override the compression settings by un-checking "Adapt to network speed" and dragging it toward "Best Compression."

If your preference is high fidelity rendering rather than responsiveness, then you can set the slider closer to Best Quality. Note that the overall experience when manually overriding this setting depends on the quality of your local internet connection.


When I connect to my job in the browser, the interactive ANSYS session only takes up a small portion of the screen. How can I resize it?

The resolution remote ANSYS desktop sessions cannot be changed once you have launched the job on JARVICE. In order to maximize the resolution of your session, follow the steps listed in the related article, How do I change the size of my ANSYS remote desktop?

How can I maximize the size of my remote session to match my local monitor?
If you know the resolution of your local monitor, you can set the Window Size field under the Optional Parameters of the Task Builder when launching your job. 
My model is large and complex. Are there GPU machine types available to power interactive sessions?
Nimbix has a dedicated machine types called the nc* which has Accelerated OpenGL on the master node. This uses a GPU for rendering the interactive ANSYS session. When launching an interactive session, select the "accelerated OpenGL on master" machine type, which will launch a cluster of our standard n3 compute nodes which has accelerated rendering on the machine hosting the interactive session.
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